The Forest Experience Motorsport Venue is like no other Rally School in the UK. Not only because you are taught how to drive a Rally car by current, leading rally competitors (and in the most iconic rally cars) but because of our awesome stage. Our stage is a purpose built track thoroughly maintained by it's owners for the benefit of many. Although most will come to our Rally School to enjoy learning how to drive a rally car, our Rally Stage is used by some of the UKs top competitors to set up their competition cars. To "set up" or prepare a Rally car you must have a combination of straights, fast flowing corners, tight corners, open spaces to test brakes and differential set ups - and that's what our rally stage has. It is truly representative to a UK Rally event stage that Motorsport UK licence holders compete on today. As a Rally School, we are providing you with the very best surface to learn how to drive a rally car, learn rally driving techniques and enjoy a once in a lifetime Rally experience. You can proudly leave our venue and say that you have driven on the same stage as British and World Champion Drivers.

Not just a Rally Stage

The Forest Experience Venue has not only been used to teach new Rally students car control but the RAF, Top Gear, BBC, Codemasters and film production companies have used the space, terrain and facilities. From Top Gear to BBC 3's Hayley Goes we are able to offer a variety of private hire packages. Film companies enjoy hiring our stage as we are truly flexible for your needs. You can take your shot and then repeat again - as often as needed - as you can hire our stage exclusively without the concern of road traffic.

We have a unique and versatile space which can we used in many different ways. Safety training, off-road testing, Forest Exploration, Army training, Safety Driving Courses and more. You’ll have little concern with making “too much noise” and our flexible and friendly team are willing to work around you.

Having private land makes it a perfect venue for manufactures to test and develop new cars - some major manufactures have used our stage for this reason. The length of the track is a great proving ground to test and develop car components and the privacy gives companies the peace of mind.

A perfect car test facility or film venue.

Call our Team directly to discuss your requirements on 01686 420201


It has a bit of everything. The terrain is very representative of what we compete in UK Rallies. It's not artificial - it's a real as it gets testing wise. The fact you are able to access three different types of road when you book for an Official Rally Test Day - it means you can mix it up.

Osian Pryce

As current UK competitors, our team understands the requirements of a test venue and we want to ensure the very best quality of stage.

Check our current JWRC leaders Jon Armstrong and Phil Hall's latest test for the Portugal WRC round at our Forest Experience Rally stage

Colin McCrae, Petter Solberg and Richard Burns are to name but a few of the professional legends who have driven the iconic forest stage. More recently, the likes of Marcus Gronholm has used the venue for developing the Proton R5 as well as BRC and JWRC compeitiors Osian Pryce, Tom Williams and Matt Edwards for driver development and car set up.

We are able to provide a full stage map just drop us an email or call.
In total, we have 7 miles worth of stage and can accommodate different layouts. You are able to book for a half day, full day or by the hour testing. Prices may vary depending on your vehicle. Exclusive or group bookings are available.

  Cost Extra Car
Full Day Testing £750 plus VAT* £150 plus VAT per car
Half Day Testing £450 plus VAT* £125 plus VAT per car

One to one tuition is available with prices on requests.

*Costs may vary for R5 and WRC cars. Please call 01686 420201 or email: events@forestrally.co.uk

Get in touch for full details on 01686 420201. We currently have an offer for a GOLD TEST package.