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My wife bought me the rally experience as a wedding anniversary present and let me tell you it was an excellent present I went on the 19/07/2019. I was coached by Paul(really nice guy) in the RWD escort and enjoyed every minute of it. Not only did I get to drive a very rare car I learnt how to slide the car and how to handbrake round tight bends and keep momentum up. I came to the rally school with my wife and she felt also involved. The staff are lovely friendly people. I have told some of my friends about Forrest rally school and I think they will give it a go also. Next time I’ll take a GoPro to capture it, as trying to explain the experience can not do it justice. If you are reading this and you have an interest in rally then book at Forrest rally you won’t regret it

Danny Clayton

Super Friendly people and a great place to experience some proper rallying, a steep and challenging course. The instructor was encouraging and helpful but not overbearing. Arrived at 8.30 and was done by 12.30, not much waiting around etc with the new format. Thanks Again.


Great, muddy, slidy fun

Did a silver half day in the Subaru. My first experience rallying. Great fun. The weather was wet, so the course was very slidy. How those cars stay on the course is a mystery. Morning was rounded off with a passenger ride. Made me realise how slow I had been going all morning!


I booked this rally experience as a christmas present last year for my husband and two sons. After researching quite a few rally experiences in and around London, and to be honest being seriously disappointed with what I had been offered I found Forest Rally in Carno. I spoke to Hannah who was so helpful and friendly I explained what I really wanted for my husband and sons and added a day to remember for them all and Hannah talked me through everything and I booked, it was so easy.

My husband and sons turned up and they said from the minute they arrived to the minute they left they had the time of their lives. They showed me footage of them during the day and I have to say I have never seen such huge smiles on their faces. I cannot go into huge detail what they did as I didn't go but I do know they had the best time ever. My husband said 'this has been the best experience day you have ever booked with my sons' from start to finish they enjoyed every single moment and had lots of time in the rally car each taking turns, the instructor they had they said was an absolute legend. They told me all about it when they returned back and the smiles on their faces proved this was worth every penny. Thank you all so very much for making this such a special day for my family to remember.

Arianna Grande

Great experience! Provided as a Christmas gift in 2019, the team were helpful in rescheduling due to the covid pandemic. On the day we had a little trouble with getting there (follow their directions, don’t trust google), and they were accommodating in allowing us to join a little late. We bought the bronze experience, with additional fast ride (worth it!) which was great - but my partner wanted another practice round (so if that’s the case consider the silver). The instructors were friendly and provided good direction to learn the techniques and the stage was picturesque in the Welsh hills with plenty of challenge. Altogether a fun half day out and very recommended.


Great half day experience with six of us. Decent stages and great instructors 👌

Ross Parker

Wow what an amazing afternoon. Me and a friend attended on Sunday 27th June for a bronze package. We met Shaun and James who were super friendly and talked us through the afternoon we were about to have. We were put with James in the impreza we had chosen to drive. Taking turns we went out onto the stage and did a lap. Unlike most driving experience days you were encouraged to push if you felt comfortable to do it. How the car grips as you have your foot to the floor through 2nd and 3rd gears is uneal. James gave instructions through the intercom in the helmet. His clear instructions gave confidence to push were you would hesitate. We then took turns doing handbrake turns just like you use to outside the local McDonald's when you were 17 in your first car. Great fun! We did another lap of the stage but in the opposite direction which felt a lot faster going downhill. Then the final session the timed trail. Half the stage under the stopwatch against everyone else. Unfortunately the stopwatch must of played up when I did mine as I came 3rd 😂. We then went out on a fast lap with James driving the impreza. wow just wow so fast with a talented guy at the wheel. Came away full of adrenaline and a smile on my face. Had a great chat at the end of the day with Shaun and James. Looking forward to booking to return but will go for the silver package for more seat time. As a massive car nerd not easily impressed with driving experiences this blew me away cant wait to go back.

Phil Marshall

Been here today with my husband for his 40th birthday pressie and honestly could not have asked for a better day!! Very looked after from start to finish.. guys were very professional, James... what can I say... just excellent hosts, teachers and entertainers to boot!!!
Thank you guys for a wonderful day!


Fantastic day out. Chose this place because they have proper forest stages and proper rally cars (MKII Escort!).
Our instructor Graham started with a briefing about how important the brake pedal is, how we have to start slow and build up our skills, that if we're too hard on the car it'll break on the first stage. "Oh great" I thought, "One of those driving experience days where you don't really get to push it" but no worry here - with 22 years experience he quickly figures out ability and if he's happy you're in control he's happy to go fast. (In the morning he mostly says "Brake, 3rd" in the afternoon "POWER!")
As it hadn't rained for a while I was worried about too much grip but that really isn't a problem - you'll still be drifting round bends in 4th gear.
At the end of the day it was Graham's turn to scare those of us who'd opted for the "Fast lap" and swap seats to show us how it's really done. There were 5 in our group and another 4 in a FWD Focus and everybody enjoyed themselves, which is what matters.
I'm planning to go back in the winter to see how opposite conditions compare.

Tony Smith

What a fabulous day with Forest Experience Rally School; great instructor and fabulous cars and perfect driving track in the forest. I want to do more and go faster next time !!! I’d recommend a day here to anyone who wants to get a taste of a true rally adventure.

Sam Espley

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