The Forest Experience Rally School was an established Rally School Business situated in the heart of mid-Wales Carno for over 40 years. Not only was it an integrated part of the Rallying community but part of the patchwork of the local area. Owned initially by Jan Churchill, then the Higgins Family, Ross Leach took over the School in 2015.

The school and the stage was adapted and nurtured by Ross and his family. They strived to create a truly authentic Rally Experience for customers. A real rally stage, in a real forest. A perfect platform to showcase British Rallying, to engage newcomers to the sport and nurture them through their career.

During 2023, the local windfarm expansion caused immense loss to the team and the business as The Forest Experience had to vacate from their beloved Rally Stage. The plan was to move close by to another local Forest, a long story cut short, Not everyone is a like minded rally enthusiast and it was sadly obstructed by the local village. The team did not want to risk affecting the customer experience or cast any shadow on the new venue or on rallying as a whole. So they looked further a Forest…

In the mean time Silverstone Rally School provided a perfect temporary home to the Forest Experience so they could continue to run fantastic customer experiences on a gravel rally stage. Like The Forest Experience, Silverstone Rally School is a well established Rally School with a great stage and facilities.

During that time Ross, Hannah and Jade worked tirelessly to continue courses and secure a new Forest home. The requirements were clear.

It has to be a venue that would enable the Forest Experience to offer a real Rally driving experience, the gravel, the scenery, the off camber swooping corners, the excitement of the trees speeding past you as adrenaline surges through your veins. It had to have all the sensations of Forest Rallying. A true taste of British Rallying.

They found it.
They found it in McRae country.
Home to the legendary Colin McRae, Scotland’s rallying heritage is world known. The endless green landscape of Dumfries and Galloway is the perfect escape for a rally day (or weekend) away. The location is not only bigger but more exhilarating, more challenging and more picturesque than our former stage.
We can as of April 2024 once again offer you our highly acclaimed and sought after rally experiences. This gravel stage gives you every sensation a professional Rally Driver could wish to experience.

Welcome to The Forest Experience. Scotland.

As a Customer on an Experience Course, What Can I Expect?

At Forest Experience we want to engage with you at a quality level and encourage you to enjoy the rally experience. We do a short but valuable safety briefing and get you in the car as quickly as we can. You are in the driving seat – literally – from the moment you turn the key. All of the driving is done at our carefully selected rally venue.

We use iconic rally cars including the classic RS2000 Mk2 Escort and the World Famous Subaru Impreza.

When you come to us, you do all the driving and are under the instruction of an experienced rally competitor. We will put you through your paces and teach you car control skills such as handbrake turns, power slides and fast corner exit speeds.

Once you’ve done your best time for the day there is an opportunity for your instructor for the day drive you at thrilling speeds - the only time you will be in the passenger seat - and you will see just how fast you can really can go around the stage.

Don’t take our word for it - Our Facebook page is full of 5* reviews from previous customers – head over to Facebook and look for @TheForestExp