How many people are on the course?

Our experience days consist of multiple cars and an instructor per group. Upon arrival you will be allocated your instructor for the experience. If you have booked a platinum course this will be your personal instructor for the session. If you have booked a Gold course you and one other person will share the allocated instructor for the session. This generally allows participants to have a go in both types of cars during your time with us making a well-rounded experience. Group sizes vary depending on what type of voucher you have.

How much driving time do you have?

Depending on what course you do how much time you get in the car varies. You would be on a rotation system along with the other participants, to say exact driving time is difficult but for example on a Group Booking of 3, your course gives you more competitive driving time than you would on a one-day National Rally event. The only time the instructor drives is during the short handbrake/power-slide demonstration or for the Instructor driven fast lap!

Please see our Facebook page where we get great feedback about the driving time and experience.

What cars do you use?

We have two classic rally car types to cover rear-wheel and four-wheel drive options. None are better than the other, but they are different. The 4WD Subaru Impreza is a modern-day icon of rallying with lots of grunt and grip. Our rear-wheel drive Mk2 Ford Escorts are the timeless image of a rallying era for the full on hand-brake turn back-end slide!

What car will I drive?

We have both MKII Escorts and Subaru’s

What type of surface do you drive on?

All our driving is on forest gravel rally stage roads! We are the only Rally School in the UK a Forest complex with road conditions the same as you see on World Rally events.

What days do you run?

Our primary days of operation are Saturday and Sunday and we run for a limited amount of weekend days (approximately 12) across the year. Except when there is a major rally as many of our staff are active participants in UK rallying (its more than a job to us) and you have enough participants to fill a full group we will put on a weekday event for you upon request. Days are limited which makes this a truly special experience, don’t wait and book now!

What time do I need to arrive?

We run morning and afternoon sessions. Registration is usually 08:45 and 12:45 but can change closer to your booking. We will inform you directly.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Vouchers can be purchased for all our course options, or you can buy a voucher to any value over £50 that the recipient can use towards any course of their choice and pay the balance. All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

What method of payment do you accept?

BACS, Visa, Switch or Mastercard or cheques made payable to "Forest Experience Rally School".

What type of clothing is required?

You are ‘in-the-woods’ for the duration of your course – both spectators and drivers. There is a spectator cabin but please dress appropriate to the weather conditions on the day and be aware the venue is at altitude of 1,500Ft and conditions can be cooler than down in the town. Overalls are not required, and we supply helmets and balaclavas.

Overalls are not required, and we supply balaclavas and helmets.

A key item to be conscious of as a driver is your shoes. Please wear a flat/thin soled shoe – ideally a sports trainer that you get a good feel for the pedals through. High Heels and platform shoes are not suitable and may stop you driving if the instructor believes these are unsafe.

What are the Terms and Conditions of any booking?

Please find a copy of our terms and conditions by clicking here.