Harlech and District Forest Experience Time Trial

Hello and Welcome to the Harlech and District Forest Experience Time Trial

HDMC in Collaboration with The Forest Experience Rally School are holding a Rally Time Trial on August 1st 2020. The event has been put together to allow competitors to get back out competing after the long outage caused by COVID-19

The event will be set within the confines of the 900 acre site where the Rally School is located, with varied stages and routes

Together with the fantastic organising team at HDMC we have put together what should be a compact, enjoyable and competative event for all competitors. We hope to be able to build on this, along with other events, to create a championship of affordable, sustainable and promotable motorsport competitions that can provide a solid foundation for Rallying to thrive upon.

Please find the link to the regulations below. Just enter your name and email and please find us on Facebook @theforestexp.


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