Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are on the course?

Typically, we run a maximum of five people to one instructor. On occasion, we extend to six people and courses would go on a little longer. This is not something we do on a regular basis but as many people book in couples we don't like to turn people away.

How much driving time do you have?

Depending on which course you choose will dictate how much time you get in the car. You would be on a rotation system along with the other participants, to say exact driving time is difficult. On the Half Day course we use a 2 mile forest stage on the one day course we use a 6 mile forest stage along with the 2 mile stage. The only time the instructor drives is during the short handbrake/power-slide demonstration or for the instructor driven fast lap!

Please see our Facebook page where we get great feedback about the driving time and experience.



What cars do you use?

At the Forest Experience we have a range of vehicles covering the 3 drivetrains. For FWD we have the Ford Focus from the thrilling McRae era, for RWD the iconic Ford Escort Mk2 and for 4WD we use the world famous Subaru Impreza WRX.

What car will I drive?

We discuss the car options at time of booking the specific date for your Experience. The same car is used for the group on the day. If you don't know what car you want or don't mind don't worry we can explain the differences. All cars have been selected by us as they are great rally cars and you will have a great day in any of them - if you're not a car 'nut' then don't worry about the choice - they are all great.

What type of surface do you drive on?

900-acre forest complex with road conditions the same as you see on the Wales Rally GB. There is an open quarry section to practice close car control e.g. Hand Brake Turns, Power Sliding.

Do you sell any merchandise or souvenirs?

Yes, we have unique Forest Experience Rally School merchandise available to buy as an extra special souvenir of your day.

What days do you run?

Our primary days of operation are Saturday and Sunday - We run virtually every weekend of the year apart from a short winter break and maybe one weekend in the summer. We add week days when and where necessary and will open on weekdays if you have a group booking. Our 1-2-1, Corporate and Test days are mostly week day events.

What time do I need to arrive?

For the Full Day course or Half Day AM course you need to be with us around 8:45 to be registered and signed on ready to leave at 9:00AM. For the Half Day PM course it's 12:45 for a 1:00PM departure.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, you have a number of options: All vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and can be extended at further charge. Your options are:-

  • Buy a voucher with a monetary value minimum of £75 which can go towards any course
  • Pay for the course in full (Half/Full Day/1-2-1 etc)
  • Leave the date open for the recipient to choose or book a date when ordering.
What method of payment do you accept?

Visa, Switch or Mastercard or cheques made payable to "Forest Experience Rally School".

What type of clothing is required?

You are in-the-woods for the duration of your course - both spectators and drivers. There is a spectator cabin but please dress appropriate to the weather conditions on the day and be aware the venue is at altitude (1,500Ft) and conditions can be cooler than down in the town.

The key item to be conscious of as a driver is your shoes. Please wear a flat/thin soled shoe - ideally a sports trainer that you get a good feel for the pedals through. High Heels and platform shoes are not suitable and may stop you driving if the instructor believes these are unsafe - The instructors decision is final.

Overalls are not required and we supply balaclavas and helmets.