Full Day Rally Driving Course

All driving is done in our 900 Acres of Forest on a Genuine gravel stage in either the iconic rear wheel drive Ford RS2000 or a choice of Front Wheel drive cars or Subaru Impreza. (Car is chosen at time of booking)

Your day starts at 9am with a short drive to the 900-acre forest followed by a brief theory & safety briefing before heading out on to the two-mile stage. After a sighting lap in your chosen car you will practice rally driving techniques such as handbrake turns and power-sliding in preparation for the afternoon longer stage run

In the afternoon, you tackle a more demanding longer rally stage to experience just how a competition forest rally stage feels in a rally event.   The stage includes hills and hairpins with magnificent scenery (not that you have time to look) for the ultimate rally experience.

You finish the session with a timed special stage where you compete with your fellow rally enthusiasts for the fastest time of the day and a trophy is awarded to the winner. 

There is the option to purchase a thrilling high-speed run with your instructor as your driver and you as a passenger where you will get to see just how fast the car really can go on gravel. 

The price includes a picnic lunch and refreshments throughout the day.  There is a fee of £10 for Spectators that includes a picnic lunch and refreshments.


Our Full-day rally driving course typically follows the schedule below:

  • 8:45 - Arrive at Cambrian House for sign on.
  • 9:00 - Depart for forest where there is a short theory session on loose surface car control.
  • Commence training exercises with familiarisation of two mile forest stage.
  • Taking turns with your fellow participants you'll get the chance to learn handbrake turns, braking and general close car control techniques.
  • Picnic lunch.
  • Further runs of the forest stages commence.
  • Start of the Long Afternoon Stage runs.
  • Time to attack the clock now with a competition between all participants and a trophy for the quickest driver
  • Instructor Driven Fast lap with instructor (if you have purchased this option).

Still Not Enough?  Are you looking to compete or go further then try our 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 offers.  Or message our Events Organiser for any customised Experience.

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